New target to beat cancer drug resistance

UQ researchers have identified a novel drug target with the potential to overcome drug resistance and prevent tumour regrowth in cancer patients.

21 September 2023
A close up image of trays of pink pills in production.

UQ research reveals new brain networks critical to memory formation

Researchers at The University of Queensland have identified new regions of the brain crucial to the formation of long-term memory.

21 September 2023
Elderly woman holding old photographs. Adobe.
two hands holding some brown soil in which there are fat white grubs

Insect-specific viruses are being investigated to protect Australia’s $4 billion sugar industry in a research project at The University of Queensland.

21 September 2023
Man sitting at laptop with credit card in hand looking worried. Adobe.

Researchers from The University of Queensland have found people who believe in manifesting financial success are more likely to make risky investments and end up bankrupt.

20 September 2023
A line-up of six women standing outdoors dressed in exercise gear, smiling and with their arms around the person beside them.

UQ researchers have found women can retain the benefits of exercise during their 20s, going on to have better heart health later in life.

15 September 2023

A database tracking hospital admissions and deaths reveals the devastating impact cars, disease and dogs are having on the South East Queensland koala population.

15 September 2023
a bottle, plastic bag and straw float in blue water

University of Queensland researchers are developing a plastic that breaks down in seawater to help turn the tide on marine waste.

14 September 2023
A sunflower in a field, with an illusory face visible in its centre.

A UQ study has found women who’ve just had a baby are much more likely to see faces in everyday objects than other women.

13 September 2023
A white camera-looking object with two antennas sits above fast flowing brown water with bushland in the background.

A tool developed by UQ researchers that measures floodwater depth and velocity will be sold globally after it was licensed to a US-based company.

13 September 2023
plastic tubing with blue clips, taps and end pieces and a syringe with needs attached

A trial aiming to reduce infection and blood clot rates for children with cancer is being led by The University of Queensland across Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast hospitals.

13 September 2023

The University of Queensland has ranked 37th in the world in the 2023 National Taiwan University (NTU) World University Ranking, reflecting UQ’s research capabilities.

13 September 2023
a person in orange overalls wearing a helmet stands by small flames among smoking trees

South East Queenslanders living near bushland and green spaces are being encouraged to join a University of Queensland study on the health impacts of bushfire smoke.

12 September 2023
Two people wearing lab coats looking down into a round metal furnace

A custom-built furnace that can heat materials to almost 3000 degrees Celsius has been installed at The University of Queensland to build components for Australia’s burgeoning space industry.

8 September 2023
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